Charlotte (Gladney) Hollingsworth IT"S A GIRL due November (kHe) 

magnolia baby white gown w/ pink trim 

magnolia rose smocked gown

kissy kissy white gown with blue smocking

The Gilded Egret gown/pink trim

TBBC quilted gown with hat

Magnolia baby blue flower onesie

maison nola pink tolie gown

magnolia pink and green flower onesie 

Kissy kissy burp set girl

feltman blue dress (6m) 

TBBC zip up animal onesie

Carriage boutique white bubble 9m

Little english giraffe bubble 9m

Sarah louise pink dress (6m) 

Sophie and lucas stripe gown with bloomers 

rosalina smocked flower dress (18m)

Sophie and lucas dress with swiss dots 12m 

Sarah louise white dress  with blue flowers12m

lulu bebe lemon smocked dress 9m

sophie lucas blue swiss dot dres with side tie 24m

sophie and lucas chick romers 9m

sweet dreams candy bubble 12m

Nantucket apron bubble 6m and 9m 

Meme linen bubble with side bows 6m

TBBC pink gown 0-3

TBBC bow gown 0-3

Little giraffe sock set 

3marthas pink and green burp set

TBBC white gown with pink trim 

Pink little giraffe blanket

TBBC white gown with hat

Noodle and boo products 

Little giraffe towel pink

Baby Botton Buddy 


Jeanne Matherne IT'S A BOY! Due April Shower: March 8th 

Sarah Louise knit white blanket

3Marthas seersucker towel/sets 

Blue Burp pads

Carriage Boutique sailor bubble (3m)

Carriage boutique dot bubble (9m)

Mary Mary Animal romper

Luli and me Swiss dot bubble (6m)

luli and dme plaid romper (9m)

meme Gingham bubble 3m

sarah louise navy button set (6m) 

lulu bebe Mint Jonjon (9m)

kissy kissy white smocked gown (nb)

ivory/blue blanket

Feltman take me home white/blue

White pillow case with blue trim


TBBC harts hold me set 

TBBC gold swaddle

TBBC gown

kissy kissy white with blie trim gown

magnolia baby (dino) gown(s)

Gray crib sheet by maison nola

elephant piggy bank

month blocks

sophie and lucas teal bubble 


Hays (Gladney/Boyle)Cassels

IT'S A GIRL! DUE April 2

Magnetic me Floral gown (0-3)

Magnetic me footies ( 3-6, 6-9)

The Oaks white roset day gown

Little English pink dot daygown

little english cow over the moon daygown

Pixie Lily day gowns

marco and lizzy slip gown

marco and lizzy rose gown

marco and lizzy smocked take me home

kissy kissy rompers (3-6 -12-18)

paty gown with trim

kissy kissy gown with pink trim

little english elephant playsuit

maison nola toile gown blue

paty gown with pink trim

The Gilded Egret gown with pink trim

Raeshmi blanket in cream

TBBC panty all sizes

TBBC pink gowns

TBBC white quilted gown

A for Avery pelican bib and gator blanket

burp pads and bibs

Feltman smocked pink rose dress 2t

Feltman blue smocked dress 18m

Sarah louise pink rose dress 4t

Feltman brothers white  smocked dress

Little englsih white rose dress with ribbon

little englosh yellow dress 2t

little englsih plain luggage pink


Sophie giraffe

maison nola pink swaddle

litttle englsih long sleeved shirt 24m

sophie and lucas long sleeved animal cracker dress 18m

sophie and lucas animal cracker dress pink

sophie and lucas animal cracker diaper set jelly cat books and animals

little giraffe white and pink velvet blankets

weeones bows


Ashley Minsky Mitchell


Mudpie milestone blocks

little giraffe white burp pad

TBBC white hold me set

jelly cat Bunny lovie

Jelly cat white bunny rattle

Raz Buddy giraffe rattle

Over The Moon Lion set

Jelly Cat Elephant Lovie

Mary Myer Giraffe lovie

Little giraffe grey Blanket

Copper Pearl Feather Multi Use Cover

Copper Pearl White Burp pad Set

Maison NOLA grey Crib sheets

Maison nola Grey Gown, swaddle

White speckled paci Clip

White Speckled teether

Noodle and Boo Powder, Lotion and 2 N 1

little giraffe socks

little giraffe grey towel

yellow quilt blanket

little giraffe white blanket

little giraffe fuzzy sack

little giraffe grey gown

The Gilded Egret Gold trim gown


Paty Romper

magnolia Baby bee converter

kissy kissy Sophie footie (yellow)

jelly Cat Polar bear playmat

white rosary


Stephanie Landry

IT'S A GIRL! DUE NOv. 30th

Name: Hallie Lynn (HLL)

3Marthas toile Burp

3marthas Butterfly Towel

Paty Binky Clip and Blanket with Pink trim

Hot Pink, Light Pink, White, and red Bows

White Satin Bow

Bunny Jelly cat Rattle

Sarah Louise booties with pink rosettes

Burp Cloths

Feltman Booties

Pig Jelly Cat

Rocking horse teether

Magnolia Princess Converter

TBBC Scalloped bib

Kissy Kissy hat with pink trim

Feltman Christmas Bonnet

Traditional Feltman Bubbles 6/9 months


Ashley Plauche

Its a GIRL! Shower: Nov.17

Little Giraffe Pink Silk socks

Little Giraffe leaf swaddles

little giraffe White ruffle Blanket

Little Giraffe Pink Satin Blanket

3marthas Pink towels

Little English Duffle

Pink Quilted Beaufort gown 

TBBC quilted blanket

Bow BB bib and burp

BB gold silk Bow Swaddle

Sarah Louise blue seersucker dress 6m

Krewe kids RWB dress 6m

Sophie lucas Peach Petal Dress 9m

Little english Flower bubble with trim 6m

Alligator gown and bib

Feltman Daygown White with pink detail

Feltman Take Me HOme pink with pink detail

Magnetic me sizes NB-12m all patterns

Pink bear Lovie

pink cow lovie

Unicorn Wubbanub

Sarah louise Booties

Mud Pie Teether

3marthas bunny gift set

TBBC binky clip

LSU check Bubble 12m

Pink/white head bands WeeOnes

TBBC bloomers

Tbbc converter

NB socks

Angel Dear tiger Lovie

Over The Moon print Set

TBBC darling Debut set white

DOC_A_TOT white with extra cover

Heart miracle swaddle

Mile stone cards

Paty gown/romper

White Quilt

Freshly Picked Diaper bag black

Kissy KIssy layette

The Gilded Egret Gown

Little English DIaper sets

Jelly Cat Playmat

Catherine and Giovanni Roberts

It's A Girl!! Shower Sept.28th

Penguin WubaNub

3Marthas Lamb Towel  set

Little giraffe Green Towels

Little Giraffe Girl Silk Socks

Little Giraffe White fur Sack

Beaufort Bonnet Quilted Blanket

Beaufort Bonnet Panty Covers

Beaufort Bonnet Gold Silk Swaddle

Beaufort Bonnet Tulip bubble 6-12m

LeZAMe Paris Dress 2t

LeZaMe Farm Dress 2t

Sophie and Lucas petal Floral bloomerset 6m

Sophie and Lucas Pumpkin pie Dress 12m

Lulu Bebe Tiger Paw Dress 6m

Magnetic Me Fur footie 0-3

Magnetic Me Cow Footie 0-3

Magnetic Me circus Footie 0-3

Kissy Kissy Giraffe Love Footie 0-3

Kissy Kissy Sophie Footie 0-3

Maison Nola Toile onesie

Sarah Louise Rose Garden Dress 6m

Luli and Me Hydrangea Dress 12m

Noomie LLama Footie

Little English Flower Bubble 9m

Lulu Bebe Crawfish Bubble 6m

Finn and Emma Fawn/elephant/arrows onesies



Caroline Cooper Ching

It's A Boy! Shower Sept.21

(if you would like your gift shipped let us know! she is traveling back home and wont have room in her suitcase!)

Little Giraffe Silk Blanket

3Marthas puppy towel set and train towel

Maison Nola Story land blanket

Beaufort Bonnet Silk  Bow swaddle

Beaufort Bonnet Blue stork Gown,burp,blanket

Beaufort bonnet Dot gown

Beaufort bonnet "Hold Me Set"

Dondolo white sweater 12m

Lulu Bebe Carousel bubble 18m

Dondolo sail boat bubble 2t

Sophie and Lucas blue plaid dot bubble

lulu Bebe spring bike bubble 9m

Sarah Louise long romper 18m

Dondolo blue plaid bubble 9m

panda swaddle bkanket

Noodle and Boo Shampoo, body wash and lotion

Carriage boutique Overalls 12m

white pillow case with blue scalloped trim

feltman take me HOme

magnolia baby Caterpillar gown

Pixie lily blue sailor set

Footies sizes 3m-24m

any magnetic me footies or gown

kissy kissy gowns/footies


Christen Tanner Foster  IT'S A GIRL


Noodle And Boo (Everything) 

Little giraffe lovie pink

Feltman white daygown

Sweet Diaper Sets

Sweet layette gowns

kissy kissy footies 

Beaufort Bonnet Sadler sack gowns

BB white non footie 

White and Pink Bibs

Magnetic me Girls patterns 

Maison Nola toile gown 

Sarah Louise blanket with pink ribbon

Little english smock bubble with ribbon sleeves

little englsih bow romper 

BB bonnet white bonnet 

Feltman 100 year bubble 6m 

Feltman rosette bubble 3m 

Little Giraffe burp 

3marthas bow burp

Little giraffe chenille towels in pink and green

3marthas puppy and elephant towel sets

Lamb burp and onesie set

The oaks swiss dot bubble 6m 

Wubbanub fox 

Razbuddy bunny

silk Socks

Large Tan Diaper bag

Little Louanne nightgown 

Bubble with white ribbon Remember Nguyen 

Chelsey Hymel Ricks ITS A SUPRISE! 

(we know what shes having so call to find out!) 


Remember Nguyen pink lace dress 3m 

feltman Brothers bubble with pink rosettes

peppermint pony duck dress 

bailey boys white lace collar dress 

FB white daygown with lace 

Feltman Lace Bonnet 

Little Giraffe velvet satin blanket Cream


remember Nguyen Carriage Bubble blue

3marthas blue deer Gown 

white paty Blanket

Giraffe RazBuddy binky

Blue Tolie blanket

Neutral teethers

Cream LG blanket

Feltman Giraffe bubble

baby bliss white romper

Carriage boutique horse bubble

Peppermint Pony blue heirloom bubble



Paulina Barnes Nguyen

Luli and Me teal Smocked dress with rosettes 24m

Peti Ami w/ Pink trim 24m

Lui and Me 24m Pink smocked dress  with Rosettes

3Marthas burp pads and towels

Little Giraffe chenille towel and Blanket 

Nantucket Blue Toile Bubble 12-18m 

Carriage Boutique knit blanket

Magnetic girl footies big sizes

Little English Duffle 

Razberry Teether 

Chew Buddy lady bug

BB Snap Gowns 0-3

BB panty covers

BB pj Onesies 12-18 and 18-24

Little English yellow Set 12m

Jelly Cat medium bunny

Sophie giraffe teether set 


Natalie McMullen IT'S A BOY

Little English Dog Bib & onesie 6m 

Maison Nola Toile blanket, Gown/onesie

Sarah Louise smocked diaper set W/B

Beaufort Bonnet Blue Dog gown

Beaufort Bonnet White gown w/ Blue trim

3marthas bunny towel set

Sarah Louise Knit Blanket with blue ribbon

Miracle Swaddle Puppy 

Merline magic sleep suit blue

Maison Nola Teether

BB Harts Hold me Set BLue 

Magnetic Mes in boy patterns 6-9

Airplane Bubble 12m