"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."

Hey Everyone!

Caroline here! So this past week I went to my very first market! Exciting right?! My sister couldn’t make it due to teaching, so my mom and I went; AND BOY WAS IT AN ADVENTURE.

For those of you who don’t know, I consider my mom my best friend. There’s nothing I don’t tell her. She knows EVERYTHING, (even though I’m sure she doesn’t need to know some stuff). So I asked her to come with me, ( I didn't want to go to NO alone so she agreed. )

I went in excited, and eager to get some new lines for y’all. I approached my first vendor, introduced myself and my store, only to be told they couldn’t sell to me. I was confused and hurt. They weren’t not selling to me because I was online, It was because someone I was close to (who owns a store here in BR ) had told them that they could either sell to me or to them. And that they couldn’t sell me anything they carry in their store. So being a new store they weren’t going to take a chance. So I said thank you, and walked away. Only to be turned away by more vendors.

Now, I’m a pretty strong person, but I had to walk out of there. I was hurt, confused, and overwhelmed.So I decided to call my dad for some advice, he told me (while I was crying) that I needed to walk back in there, make connections and to enjoy myself. Not to burn bridges. To show that the pettiness wasn't going to stop me. Meanwhile my mom was upset because I was upset. She and I talked about leaving, but in the end we decided to stay. And I’m so happy about that.

I met some if the sweetest vendors that I will by from for as long as I’m in business. I was able to get some great lines, starting at Tigels, Under the Nile, Sophie la Girafe, Earth Baby and more. It didn’t start out like I planned but it was wonderful in the end. I may not have gotten all the brands I wanted at this market, but there are bigger and better ones that I can go to.

We as small businesses, as women, as owners need to learn to support each other. To love, and to cheer each other on. To wish the other success, to wish them growth. To be successful. But that doesn’t always happen. It hurts my heart to know that some don’t wish success on others. As a business woman I will always, always wish my competing businesses success. Love to all, success to all. And most of all happiness.

God Bless.



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