Registry Benefits and Info

Whether you need just a few items or help fixing your nursery, We will help make registering a truly magical experience!

In Touch:

Our knowledgeable team is here to ensure you pick the right products for you and your family. We will stay in touch and a number of ways, either through email or even over the phone, whether its through text or phone call we are always there to answer any questions you may have.


One of the few perks that you will receive when registering with us is 15% off all items on your registry when you shop with us. Whether its before your shower date or after, any time you shop your own registry you will receive this discount!

Product Selection:

Our Team has selected a wide variety of products that are simple, sweet and functional for your everyday needs.

Now I know that this is a very exciting time and you probably have a TON of questions, and I'm going to try to answer as many as I can think of for you now!

How do I Create a Gift Registry?

It's very simple! All you need to do is come to our store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and pick out your favorite things!

From there we pull those special items for you to keep in our registry area under your name. We then take note of everything to add to our website registry page AND to add to your online shopable registry. This way people who live out of state can shop and send you a gift! We also like to take pictures of the things on your list and create you your own little instagram "hot spot" as we call it so that it is on all of our platforms.

If you are out of state and still want to register with us that is possible also! You may have moved away but still have family and friends who live here and want to throw you a shower. We know how hard and stressful it is to travel so all we do is face time you! We can walk you around the store, show you things and even answer your questions, OR you have the option of going online and letting us know what it is you would like on your registry page!

If you need to update your registry ( you want to add or remove an item ) all you need to do is message us via Email, text, phone call and let us know what it is you would like to remove or add to your registry.

The Registry process can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to help. Visit our store during regular business hours and someone will personally assist you. No Appointment necessary.

Are all of your products in store available online?

While most of our products are available online there are a few items/selections such as seasonal items and specific brands that cannot be sold online and must be bought in store or over the phone.

When is the best time to register?

We find that the best time frame to register is 7-8 weeks before your shower and 3-4 months before your due date. We also suggest to ask your host(s) when they are sending out invites so you can be sure to include where you are registered.

I hope that this answered some of the questions you may have had and if you still have more be sure to ask away and we will do our best to answer them all!.

Be sure to keep an eye out this coming week for our next post on BABY MUST HAVES!

Thanks for reading and have a magical day!



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